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Diameter-Extended ACSR

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Based on conventional ACSR structure, the diameter-extended ACSR is made through adding some inner strands or using the nonmetal wires to replace some inner strands according to a certain rule. The diameter of this ACSR is then extended. Enlarging the external diameter of the conductor via sparse winding of aluminum wires can effectively reduce the electric field intensity and corona discharge on the conductor surface. This enables the diameter-extended ACSR to have reduced operation noise and smaller radio interference. Compared to the conventional ACSR, the product is light weight and can reduce the possibility of creep elongation and conductor deformation after installation. Meeting the requirements of transmission capacity and environmental protection, our diameter-extended ACSR can also lower the construction cost. The allowable temperature is 80℃. The product has the advantages of high strength, anticorrosion and long service life. It can improve the quality connection of T joint.

The diameter-extended ACSR is used in flexible busbar for 500kV power substations. It can be used at high altitudes. The K272-2 diameter-extended ACSR was used for the 330kV Liutianguan (Liujiaxia-Tianshui City-Guanzhong Area) power transmission line in 1972. Later, it had further application for the 750kV power transmission and transformation demonstration project (Guanting Village-West Lanzhou City).

Technical Specifications

Nominal cross section area mm2 630 800 1000 1250 1400
Outside diameter mm 48 49 51 52 51
Calculated cross section area Alum. mm2 535.43 813.42 1001.40 1259.14 1399.60
Steel mm2 152.81 152.81 152.81 152.81 134.30
Total mm2 788.24 966.23 1154.21 1411.95 1533.90
Number of wire/diameter Steel
19/3.2 19/3.2 19/3.2 19/3.2 19/3.0
Inner layer
4/4.55 4/4.50 4/4.35 4/4.60 13/4.5
Layer adjoining to the inner layer
4/4.55 4/4.60 4/4.55 18/4.47 19/4.5
Outer layer
11/3.70 24/3.80 27/4.30 26/4.47 25/4.50
The most outer layer
36/3.70 36/3.80 36/4.30 32/4.47 31/4.50
Rated tensile strength kN 228 253 278 313 329
D.C. resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km 0.046433 0.036179 0.029314 0.023161 0.02133
Current capacity A 815 904 1000 1147 1160
Weight kg/km 2994 3491 4013 4713 4962

ACSR is a concentric-lay-stranded conductor consisting of a single core wire or a stranded steel central core with one or more layers of 1350 H19 stranded aluminum wires. The steel core wires are protected from corrosion by galvanizing, aluminum-clad alloy or zinc - 5% aluminum mischmetal alloy coating. Standard, high, extra and ultra high strength steels are also available.

The diameter-extended is packaged in wooden drum, steel wooden drum, steel drum or coil.

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